9 Investing Strategies: Copy Trading

Copy trading allows you to copy experienced traders’ portfolios in real-time. After determining your investment amount, the system will automatically copy trades from the lead traders you follow.

What are lead traders and copy traders?

Lead traders are experienced traders who let others follow and copy their trades, while copy traders are those who follow and copy trades from lead traders.

Advantages of copy trading

Novice traders can familiarize themselves with the crypto market via copy trading, and learn strategies and techniques that will help them become better traders.
Experienced traders can become lead traders and profit from their copy traders’ successful trades.
Builds a community that allows traders to interact, learn, and copy each other’s trades.

What are the risks associated with copy trading?

All investments carry a certain degree of risk. In copy trading, if the strategy you follow is unsuccessful, you may lose your investments. You may also face the risk of slippage during a volatile market or if the assets you trade have low liquidity. Therefore, you should take risk control and invest rationally within your financial ability.

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