CRYPTO EXCHANGE AFFILIATE – Golden industries for newcomer to Approaching a $20M Monthly Income

What’s involved in crypto affiliate marketing?

When I delved into this side hustle, I watched many youtube videos. Essentially, it’s about referrals to new users, which can yield a considerable amount. So, I dedicated myself to securing more leads to earn substantial commissions.
After a few days, I found my account got notification from “Personnel commission”, it increased gradually, I was so happy to watch every new user I refer inscreased in my list. Besides commision on KYC, I also receive commision on trading volume. It dawned on me then that commissions would provide a sustainable income stream.
To put it simply, with crypto exchange affiliate marketing, you earn commissions through referrals and trading. The key is selecting when you can maximize your commissions.

Why not consider Forex or stocks?

I had experience with stocks previously but faced losses, coupled times, while the broker aggressively pushing telesales that I don’t see that I can develop there. Regarding Forex, I am a newbie, I found it hard to navigate browser as well as managing fund/ withdraw money. this complexity could deter users. Therefore, I said goodbye to forex, too.
I found crypto would to a secure choice as user-friendly browsers, promising commissions, and seamless fund management—this trifecta was ideal for launching campaigns.
My advice: Stop overthinking; take action 💥
At that time, I am different to other people that I lacked a financial strategy and support, necessitating more investment of my time compared to others.
It took nearly four months, a step-by-step journey, adapting my writing style, transforming discoveries into a process to optimize time and effort. Presently, I am confident in continuously growing my community and income. My next milestones: $5,000 – $10,000 – $100,000 per month.

I wish you the energy to initiate action rather than waiting for things to happen. Over time, others might advance ahead while you wait indefinitely.