1. The Reason I Choose This Crypto Niche

It is because it choose me. As I know nothing about Affiliate. I mainly do airdrop, spot trading, scalping to earn a little money. But there are few problems here, it’s only have some opportunity, and I couldn’t survive with it. So I go searching for more on share groups and it accidentally bump into my eyes with crypto Affiliate Marketing.

2. Once I Started It, I’m In Love With It

It’s a coincident that I saw a free crypto affiliate course to make the referrals, as it’s free so I am curious to learn more about it. I checked out the complete course on youtube and start the step by step guide in the course till I got my first referral and commission, I fell in love with it.

3. Product Research, Competitor Research

During the course I learned to checked out the projects, the customer, the payout & review the project carefully as well as the competitors before spending my time & effort on it.

4. Take Action, Day By Day

During the course, I learned and practice step by step. Then I was sock as the step is so simple. It’s not about spamming post and video. Wherever the customer are, we are there too. & Whatever they need, we provide.

I do the basic step first, then go to the higher level on personnel branding, open my relationship on multi-channel such as tiktok, website, youtube,… giving the valuable information and get more traffic to my page

5. What If You Can’t Get The Result?

Huh I must cry on it. But if I got the result, I also cry for my effort, too. But tear can’t make you success, so I keep going, let’s get up and continue it a smarter way. Otherwise, you can ask your friends for helping, register for you so that you can receive commission.

Finally, It’s our first step, if we don’t do it, who will do it for us. You can start posting on crypto group, the more you do, the more experience you gain as well as knowledge and skill increased. Then you will become success one day in the near future.

If you are interested, join the campaign, I also share you a simple trading ebook for your reference.