Can I made money with no Crypto experience?

After running a fully free traffic campaign for 15 days, I would like to share my results and perspective.

I’m Duc, and I’ve been in the cryptocurrency market for seven years. I began by spot trading and we have a small group of investors that we invest with. I still trade occasionally when the market is volatile; once, I increased my investment by x2 and x4 many coins.

Why did I begin?

I started investing seriously in the cryptocurrency market in 2019 after holding an amount of ETH, till 2021, I have enough capital for my business.

Although affiliate marketing is not my strong suit and I have only recently begun, I started making well money with it.

My main takeaway from this experience is my increased understanding of human behavior and needs. The most important thing is to figure out how to make a ton of money using cryptocurrency.

– Mindset: The majority of people believe that investing in cryptocurrency, forex, or stocks requires large sums of money to be made (buy and sell, then wait for the value to rise). No, I would like to talk about how I got started with cryptocurrency since I see a lot of people having this problem because they don’t understand the nature of the market. Trading or Future is important aspects of it, but I didn’t have much money when I started out five years ago with just $250.

Recognize your roles:

– It holds three positions in all markets, from the conventional to the technological market:

1. The provider

2. The marketplace

3. The participant

-My income comes from providing marketing services for startups in the fields of technology, blockchain, events for Binance, OKX, Bybit, etc., or from initiatives and campaigns that I think are successful. Investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB is preferred over saving money to ensure that it doesn’t lose value over time. I will utilize the remaining 10% for Altcoin, Launchpad, IDO, and IEO in order to increase my chances of making more money.

How to put it into practice

What I create and accomplish is quite basic and straightforward to perform; I’m convinced that even someone without any expertise could do it. I typically share all of my resources and advice with like-minded individuals. It’s not about thinking; rather, it’s about finding new ways to think and gauging your effectiveness by the outcomes.

-If you’re interested, I can walk you through the specific actions that I take.

The most crucial element is:

-Choosing the incorrect product is a danger for many people, as it can cause problems with their account and prevent them from withdrawing money, requiring a lot of trust and effort in vain.

-If you’re stuck, facing challenges, or unsure which project to take on next, you can view my commission as being pretty high below. This is the reason the market is in a downtrend and why I still have money.

-I’m hoping to collaborate with you; I work with a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges to have the most effective plan. You can start registering and joining my group if you intend to participate but do not yet have the product.